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Best & Worst Places To Live For Tax Rates

Every individual person, married couple and business owner in America shares one particular thing in common. Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or make a hefty salary, taxes will most likely impact your financial planning or household budget at some point in time. Your Tax...

2013 Tax Changes Mean Paying Attention Early

As previouslt posted a number of federal tax law changes kicked in with the New Year that will catch people by surprise if they’re not paying attention. 2013 is clearly a year where people and small businesses need to do the ir tax planning early and often, or they will see...

Tax Preparation & Planning

As soon as the holiday season ends a new season begins, but not one that everybody wants to look forward to. Yes, tax season officially begins after New Year’s Day, and so does the clock to begin getting all the necessary paperwork pulled together prior to the general tax...